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Beijing Goldenway Bio-tech Co.,Ltd,one of the first batch of innovative Enterprises in Zhongguancun National Innovation Demonstration Zone, has been the leading cooperation for industrial management of agriculture in Beijing which is listed in the global clean tech Innovation 2012 Top 100,and won the 15th WIPO-SIPO Award for Chinese Outstanding Patented Invention & Industrial Design.

BGB sticks to a development philosophy of science, ecology, and health,deems economy,ecology,and corporate social responsibility as equally important corporate development objectives and is committed to the undertaking of transforming the organic wastes into useful resources. By utilizing the sekf-developed innovative microbe technology, it has developed biological humic acid and created a brand-new development mode based on the complete industry chain capable to transform organic wastes into useful resources by using microbial technology and serve the modem ecologic agriculture. This mode has also been recorded by the Harvard Business School into its MBA teaching cases.


Company Profile

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Core Technology

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BGB original technology ,which called “A Fermentation Technology and Process of transforming Food Waste into Biological Humic Fertillizer” won the 15th WIPO-SIPO Award for Chinese Outstanding Patented Invention & Industrial Design ,and it created a breakthrough in organic waste reutilization technology in China.

Advantages of Fermentation Technology

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• Efficient targeting humification , quickly complete the process of humification of organic matter in the soil using biological equipment;

• Fast, Conversion speed is about 1/40 of the compost;

• Efficient, Organic matter is 2.5 times as much as normal fertilizer;

• Safety, Heavy metal content is 1% of common organic fertilizer;

• High product consistency, may enter the industrial product sales channels;

• No secondary pollution in the Station, low environmental maintenance costs.

Core Products

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Organic waste bio-processing machine of the BGB-SCZ-280

Organic waste bio-processing machine of the BGB-SCZ-560

Organic waste bio-processing machine of the BGB-SCZ-3000

Organic waste bio-processing machine of the BGB-SCZ-7500

The equipment can use electricity, gas and fuel as heating energy, of which, the BGB-SCZ-7500 model equipment can also use methane generated from the landfill and waste heat from garbage incineration as heating energy, making energy sources recycled.


• Obtained fertilizer registration certificate for soil conditioner which use food waste as raw material, Unique.

• China Patent Gold Award product, Unique.

• Passed through the EU organic product test, the highest safety level.


Main Specifications of Soil Conditioner:

Total organic materials≥85.0%(in dry basis)

Organic matter≥75.0%(in dry basis)

Among them, total humic acid ≥50.0%

Active organic matter≥20.0%(in dry basis)

Na+ ≤ 0.6%


Advantages of BGB BHA Product:

• High Quality raw materials: fermentation with a high-protein, high-energy dining table leftovers from marine animals, poultry, grain, and vegetables etc, no hormones, heavy metal content is extremely low.

• High carbon formula, containing active bacteria: applied into soil can improve soil organic matter, the product of beneficial bacteria can synergy with indigenous bacteria, inhibit pathogenic bacteria.

• Contains a variety of auxin secondary metabolites produced during fermentation, such as GA3,IAA,CTK,etc.Adjust the crop secondary metabolism, Make fruit sweetening, flavoring, and enhance resistance, increase production yield.

• Bio-fermentation technology make products maximum to retain the moderate and trace elements such as Ca, Mg, Fe, B, Zn and Mn, etc.


Confirmation for Materials Used in Organic Agriculture

What can we do?

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Recycling food waste

Recycling livestock manure

Recycling food processing waste


The Resource Recycling and Processing Station of Food Waste in the Olympic Village,2008In 2008,the twenty-ninth Olympic Games attracted worldwide attention and BGB applied the compound microbial high-temperature fermentation technology in the food waste treatment. During the Olympic Games,1070 tons of food waste was processed in situ, the application base of recycled products provided the athletes with 690 tons of fruit, and the company was granted the outstanding contribution award by the organizing committee and won high praises from state leaders and members from International Olympic Committee.

What can we do?

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Supporting Organic Agriculture

BGB obtained the CERES international organic certification in July 18th, 2014.

BGB’s humic acid fertilizer (soil conditioner) obtained the Ceres (CERES) international organic certification (certificate number: 50OGA1400087(30087)) in July 18, 2014. There are 14 indicators reach the standard, particularly in the 9 heavy metals content indicators, are meet the requirements of EU organic standards (EEC 843/2007), United States’ organic standards (NOP) and Japan organic standards (JAS), and authorized to mark the CERES organic certification on our product in the E.U., U.S. and Japan. Our products are considered to be the most secure organic fertilizer in China.

Contacts  Us

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